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Go Self- Employed

Working as a self-employed model

Modelling is an industry which lends itself to a freelance lifestyle as you will not normally work for one employer for longer than it takes to complete one project, although some models are chosen to be the ‘face’ of a brand which can mean a longer-term relationship. The benefits of self-employment include:

  • Being able to choose which projects you work on.
  • Flexibility over when you work to allow you to fit your career around your other commitments.
  • There are tax benefits to being self-employed if you manage your finances appropriately.
  • Here is a list from of items you can claim tax back on including things like hairdressers, makeup, clothing and travel etc.

Here is Calculator tool will help you to ascertain the level of take home pay you can expect depending on the contracts you are offered.

Working as a self-employed model 

One of the first things you will need to do when working as a freelance model is to register with HM Revenue and Customs to let them know that you are intending to work in a  self employed capacity. You will then be sent a pack of information about how this works and what you need to do, including details of how and when to submit your self assessment tax return and pay any tax due.

Here’s where to start!

Tax & National Insurance contributions.

Understanding your contract.


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