Model of the Week – Justyna

Meet our world-wide published Model of the Week, Justyna!

This week’s model was selected for different reasons than our previous winner, Suzy (click here to read Suzy’s story).

So, let’s jump straight into it.

We know (from experience!) that everyone Justyna meets, finds her personality to be so unique, fun and lovable.

Which really makes us, as an equality-based agency, so proud!

But this is really just the beginning.

Justyna has built up a huge amount of momentum with her winning personality and look. She’s attracting attention from people on the other side of the world, as well as on her doorstep!

We love it when models like Justyna come along, as she really sets out a wonderful impression to younger, aspiring models to find a passion and run with it, no matter the draw backs and negativity encountered along the way.

Justyna shows us that with a winning positive personality and a love for your body, you attract all the right opportunities and can easily beat the industry standards!

Here is a little background, as told by her:

“My name is Justyna Sofia. I am a published Polish-Italian model, based in the UK, specialising in a wide spectrum of modelling including commercial, beauty, boudoir and fitness.

I am the most girliest girly girl I know!

I am 5’4 and have a slim but curvy physique.”

How amazing is that? Justyna is doing this well without even fitting the model body ‘norm’, showing us anything is possible!

“I am proudly representing Cornwall Models and Promotions and I enjoy being managed by Hayley.

I have been modelling for 20 years now but it’s not always been easy, as in the past I’ve been struggling with eating disorders that was caused by being a young girl in very competitive environment through comments that I was too curvy.

I had a break which lasted around 2 years when i had my son just over 3 years ago. but I have enjoyed it even more since I’ve been back!!

During the time I have been modelling I have been lucky enough to meet a whole host of fantastic people and accumulate both images and references that I am proud of.

Modelling has always been a huge passion of mine. My favorite genre is portraiture and boudoir. I absolutely LOVE working/meeting new people. I find it very rewarding collaborating with new photographers/models/MUAs etc…

My biggest aim is to always have a better shoot than the last. 

Working with photographers of all levels, I have taken part in a few catwalk shows and I have had multiple publications over the years.

I have also had the opportunity to work very closely with an array of brands and designers. I have a forever growing portfolio though I am now focusing more on published work and working with more photographers around the world.”

Justyna’s story is very much one of her overcoming some very scarily common hurdles that life could throw at any of us, but she shows us that the key is to love what you do and keep your head up!

Has this week’s story inspired you? Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions!

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Model of The Week – Suzy

We at Cornwall Models & Promotions are excited to bring you our exclusive new feature – Model of the Week!

Here, we’ll be showcasing a different star of the show, every week.

We don’t just give this award away randomly though, it takes something special to make it in this feature. So what’s the big deal?

We’re very selective over the models that represent us, and personality matters just as much as appearance. Let’s take our first winner as a prime example: Suzy, age 67.

Suzy is one of our veteran models, with an incredibly impressive 30 years of experience in the industry!

She is the perfect example of defying the norm and holds everything we stand for in creating a diverse appreciation of society.

Suzy, rightly so, is in incredibly high demand at the moment for shoots and is currently proudly modelling for the vintage inspired label, Silly Old Sea Dog!

Here’s what Suzy had to say about her story and journey through the massively competitive modelling world:

My own story started at the tender age of ten, when I won a catwalk competition and thought ‘This is fun!’

Fast forward to my 20’s whereby I entered beauty and personality competitions and won quite a few, including Miss Cornwall Swimwear and Miss Cornwall Bikini, which in themselves led to me being asked to model. I couldn’t enter any of the larger beauty contests, as one had to be a ‘MISS’ and I was married’

When my modelling career started up, I did everything from promotions for Rolls Royce cars to appearing in and organising catwalk shows, and even modelling thermal undies for brochures.

One time I had to dress up as a She Devil for a building company leaflet shoot, and this was in the days before Fancy Dress shops, so my hubby had to make me a  Devil’s trident and I can remember carrying it, whilst walking up Redruth high street to the photographer’s studio, having some curious looks cast my way!

I always seemed to be modelling winter wear in summer ( designer jumpers on the hottest day in summer, comes to mind) and bikinis feeling frozen on an Autumn day. Last year even, I had to go in the sea on a cold November day for a national newspaper shoot. Such is life as a model…

Then eventually in my 30’s, because there weren’t any West Country model agencies, I started my own award winning national model agency – the first fully licenced one in three counties. I won the award for providing work in an unemployment Black Spot and for doing a lot of Charity fund raising with my models.

I was forced to retire at 40 due to a bad dose of Glandular Fever BUT I re-launched at 57 as a Mature Model and now ten years later I am busier than ever.

My proudest moments were being selected as a mature model, for an American book cover and other international magazine covers. It’s a super feeling to be a cover girl! I’ve been published the world over; including many times within a high end magazine in Sri Lanka – over there Senior Citizens start at age 57.

Whilst having done some TV and radio work as well; I’ve also turned down various invites for TV work like appearing in ‘Big Brother’ and ‘The Circle’ and a few chat shows too, as well as Judge Rinder programme lately, because that’s not what I’m about.

I recently appeared on the USA television show, The Ace Michaels Show broadcast from Los Angeles, which was great fun to do.

My favourite modelling work is photographic and I am at my happiest being creative in a studio or on location.

My advice to would-be models is, that whilst modelling looks glamorous, it’s jolly hard work.

The best thing any model can do, is get themselves a reliable and trustworthy model agent to guide them, through what can be sometimes, the modelling jungle.

As indeed Hayley does, my own agent at Cornwall Models & Promotions 

Thank you Hayley x”

Suzy’s take-away message? ‘You are never too old to model’

Has this week’s story inspired you? Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions!

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