Model of the Week – Lara

Having a baby?

Then it’s time to take maternity leave, but what about if you’re a model?

What if you’re Lara?

Lara is showing the world that pregnancy is beautiful and is capturing stunning moments every step of the way.

We love the idea that her baby bump enhances the message, so we’re getting her story out there!

Have a read:

“Up until this point, my journey as a model has been sporadic and has almost taken a back seat to my 15 year career as a Singer/Dancer.

The majority of my modelling work, has been for Holiday Companies as promotional material.

I was however privileged to shoot as a Bridesmaid for Whimsical Weddings Magazine most recently, which was incredible to be a part of.

I feel it’s now time to focus on my journey as a model. Especially during this time, my first pregnancy. It’s truly a wonderful feeling, knowing you are capturing moments with the tiny human you will love more than you have ever loved anything or anyone.

As a model I am quite open, and have a good background in Stage Make-Up and face painting. I’d welcome any opportunity to perhaps put this to good use.

I heard about Cornwall Models & Promotions on Facebook and I have to say, initially I was concerned that it might be a scam type scenario, as there are so many tricksters out there today.

Much to my delight, I have been welcomed with open arms, provided with the cutest and practical tool kit and supported every step of the way and met several fantastic photographers and models alike.

I would highly recommended working with Cornwall Models & Promotions. I have been very lucky and have had so many incredible experiences in my career so far to mention.

From cruise ships to touring pantomimes, with the famous and infamous faces we all know and love.

To be honest, never has there been an accomplishment I am more proud of than becoming a mother. Now, I just need to share this love with the world via the art of photography.”

Very inspiring, especially if you’re also a mother reading this.

Any Questions? Send us an email or reach out to us on Social Media.

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